I help people to improve their lifestyle so that they can feel confident, build physical strength, and take control of their health while enjoying their fitness journey !

Feel Confident, Get Fit & Enjoy it !

Welcome to Beyond Fit

After an initial assessment to help me understand your needs, preferences and lifestyle, I will design the training program that will take you Beyond Fit !

My approach is based on three values:

Zen icone

Sustainable changes
& Well-being

As a Personal Trainer, your well-being is my priority . Together, we will put in place the habits and routines you need to feel confident, healthy and fit. It’s all about maintaining your well-being over the long-term.


Optimizing health
& physical condition

I will create the training program you need to achieve  your fitness goals.  
Each Workout will be different and will include a variety of training activities to maximize your progress and to keep you motivated at all times.

Fun &

Enjoying your fitness journey will ensure you unlimited progress. That is why I make sure that the training environment is a space where we can build a relationship of trust, without forgetting the fun !

Fitness coach in London

The Coach

My name is Guillaume, and I am a qualified Personal Trainer and Lifestyle Coach.
I am passionate about helping you to improve your health and well-being. I believe that through fitness you can change your life and fulfil your potential.

We will grow and progress together as a team throughout your new sporting adventure!

Choose your plan

Start your journey and make it happen right now by choosing the plan that best suits you :

Easy Fit

Beyond Fit


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